#BeActive Awards

#BeActive Awards 2019

A European award to highlight outstanding work and commitment at local levels to promote sport and physical activity.

The #BeActive Awards competition is a central element of the annual European Week of Sport Its objective is to praise and support projects and individuals dedicated to the promotion of sport and physical activity across Europe.

The three #BeActive award categories are:

• the #BeActive Education Award

This award is intended to throw the spotlight on an educational setting that can demonstrate concrete ways in which it encouraged its kids to #BeActive in addition to the sport/physical activity classes in the standard curriculum. This could include extra sport activities, physically active class days out, after school activities, and other creative solutions to form an active education environment.

• the #BeActive Workplace Award

This award is intended to accolade a workplace that can demonstrate specific ways in which it has encouraged and helped its employees to #BeActive. This could include setting up a staff taskforce responsible for promoting physical activity, provision of showers for cycling/running commuters, standing meetings, lunchtime walks and other creative solutions to form an active working environment.

• the #BeActive Local Hero Award

This award honours an individual achievement to motivate others and act as a catalyst to #BeActive. The spirit of the award aims to recognising an individual who has worked consistently to promote participation in sport and/or physical activity in his or her local community.

The winner of each category (in Europe) will receive a prize of €10,000. Each of 6 finalists (2 for each category) will receive a prize of €2,500.

The entries for the 2019 #BeActive Awards are now closed Please see information below and keep your eyes peeled for when entries open for 2020.