Accelerate Management Development Programme


ACCELERATE is Sport Ireland's sector specific management development programme. It is a Level 6 QQI awarded programme. 

It is designed for:

- People currently in Managerial roles with line management responsibility

- People currently in Managerial roles without line management responsibility

- People who have been identified for a future Managerial role within their organisation

All participants must be employed in sports organisations funded by Sport Ireland and are looking to:

- Develop the skills, acquire the knowledge and understand the behaviours needed to be an effective manager and

- Build a professional network with other managers in the sports sector

The programme experience and key features:

ACCELERATE will be highly experiential and will consist of 3 core modules, namely Self-Management, People Management and Project/Financial Management.

It will include the following elements:

- Psychometric Assessment and Coaching

- Classroom based learning

- Off-site learning activities

- Networking opportunities and peer support

- Online learning platform and support

The programme modules

Programme Modules

When will the programme run?

The programme will start in December 2019 and run until May 2020.

What are the key dates?

Programme Dates

Accelerate Management Development Programme Brochure

The Application Process

To apply, please complete the Application Form and email it at by no later than 12.00pm on Friday the 4th of October 2019.

Applications in the post are also acceptable.

Accelerate Management Development Programme Application Form

All applications will be reviewed by Sport Ireland for eligibility, and applicants will be notified of their status in writing by no later than Friday the 25th of October 2019.