Sport Ireland funding will be invested to support NGBs in line with Sport Ireland's strategic priorities as determined from time to time.

  • Some NGBs who are of smaller scale and resources, may receive funding primarily to support leadership and/or operations. These NGBs will be expected to demonstrate that they are fit for purpose and are in compliance with core governance, ethical, judicial, operational, risk management and taxation/fiduciary policies.

  • Sport Ireland may provide additional investment as appropriate and available for certain NGBs for projects and programmes which contribute to improving participation, performance, leadership and/or operations.

  • Sport Ireland reserves the right to withdraw, reduce, suspend or terminate funding to NGBs where there is evidence of non compliance with the investment criteria. Sport Ireland will reserve the right to audit NGBs to ensure they are in compliance with the above policies.

  • Sport Ireland expects that the Boards/leaders of the NGB will establish and adhere to their own annual internal auditing and compliance policies to demonstrate to themselves and their members that their sport is being led, governed and managed appropriately.

  • Sport Ireland expects that an NGB will lead and respond to any weaknesses or issues identified in their internal audit and will initiate an implementation programme as necessary. Failure to do so could impact on future funding.

  • Sport Ireland reserve the right to subject any organisation to a fit for purpose audit if it has cause to believe that the sport is in disrepute or is not adhering to its responsibilities as a NGB.

  • Sport Ireland will seek to monitor trends, issues and developments which NGBs may need to take account of from time to time and advise them accordingly.

  • All NGBS that currently receive recognition and funding and have had this status for five or more years (historically funded) will continue to be recognised and funded so long as the NGB continues to comply with approved recognition criteria. However future Sport Ireland funding amounts will gradually be aligned to reflect the Sport Ireland's strategic priorities.