Appeals Process

An NGB may appeal the decision not to offer them recognition status. The process of lodging an appeal is as follows:

  • The NGB should provide a written submission to Sport Ireland informing them they will appeal the decision within 90 days.

  • The written submission should clearly outline the basis for the appeal including why they believe that the decision is incorrect.

  • The written submission should also include supporting documentation that was not previously supplied to Sport Ireland in the original application to support their recognition claim.

  • Sport Ireland will process the appeal and will confirm the receipt of the appeal submission with the NGB.

  • The appeal will then be presented to the appeals committee.

  • The appeals committee will review the appeal and make a recommendation. The recommendation will be notified to the applicant NGB.

  • The committee's recommendation will then be presented to Sport Ireland Board who will make a final decision.

  • Sport Ireland will then communicate the Board decision to the NGB.

The Appeals Committee is made up of three members who have knowledge of the Recognition process. Two of these members shall be Council members. Such Council members shall not be part of the final decision on the matter put before the Sport Ireland Board.