Sport Ireland acts as a resource for the National Governing (Bodies of Sport NGBs). One of the main priorities Sport Ireland is to strengthen and develop capabilities of the NGBs of Ireland. The NGB Unit is an advisory Unit for Governing Bodies in areas of governance, change management, strategic planning and procedural issues as well as compliance. This is facilitated through regular liaison meetings with updates from Governing Bodies and advice and support provided by the Unit.


The NGB Unit's responsibilities include:


Recognition Process

The Council operates an recognition process for organisations wishing to become eligible for Council support as Governing Bodies of Sport. The recognition criteria establish minimum requirements for all organisations wishing to apply for Council financial support. The Recognition process is currently under review.


Administration of grant schemes to National Governing Bodies of Sport

The NGB Unit assists National Governing Bodies of Sport to achieve their objectives and ensure that Council financial support is targeted to deliver on each organisation's key objectives. This financial support allows the organisations to carry out the core activities required to deliver quality sport in Ireland. The application process for National Governing Bodies of Sport (NGB) annual grant has been modified to reflect a system of core funding in specific areas.


Women in Sport Initiative

Women in Sport programme aims to increase women's participation in sport. It promotes the positive aspects of sport and health benefits and encourages women to take up volunteer positions. The Women in Sport Initiative raises awareness of Womens sporting events and projects. The NGB Unit has developed the "Women In Sport" brand to increase awareness of these programmes.


Sport HQ

The concept behind Sport HQ is to provide a business setting home for Irish sport, encompassing head offices for a number of organisations, meeting and conference facilities and a number of additional shared services.
Sport HQ has made a major contribution to the modernisation of Irish Sports organisations. Sport Ireland has always placed the National Governing Bodies at the heart of its work and strategies for the development of sport in Ireland.


Federation of Irish Sport

The Federation of Irish Sports provides many serviceable development opportunities for Sporting Organisations, it promotes NGBs liaising and co-operating collectively, united lobbying on shared issues affecting sport in Ireland and promotes the vital role NGBs play in sport in Ireland.

For more information visit www.irishsport.ie