Anti-Doping Rule Violations

The lab finding evidence of the use of a prohibited substance or method in your sample is an Anti-Doping Rule Violation, but did you know the following are also rule violations:

  • Use or Attempted Use by an Athlete of a prohibited substance or methodRefusing to provide a sample when requestedTampering or Attempted Tampering with any part of the drug testing procedures
  • Possession of prohibited substance or method
  • Trafficking or Attempted Trafficking in any prohibited substance or method
  • Administration or Attempted administration of any prohibited substances or method
  • Committing three whereabouts failures in eighteen months
  • Read Article 2 of the Irish Anti-Doping Rules which explains the various types of Anti-Doping Rule Violations.

It is very clear that the rules and sanctions not only apply to athletes, but to coaches, parents, doctors, physiotherapists, G.P.s, officials etc - everyone involved in sport.