Athlete Zone

Welcome to the athlete zone, please see below to determine what type of athlete you are.

Registered Tested Pool Athletes (RTP Athletes)
The RTP is a list of elite athletes, agreed between the NGB and Sport Ireland who meet certain criteria. Sport Ireland will notify in writing athletes that are included in the RTP.

Non Registered Testing Pool Athletes (Non-RTP Athletes)
A non RTP athlete is an athlete who is not part of the Registered Testing Pool but still competes at a national and or international level and may be subject to a doping control in competition.
National Testing Pool Athletes (NTP Athletes)
Athletes who are on teams in team sports including Senior Inter-County in GAA, Division 1A&B in Men's Rugby, Mens and Womens Super League in Basketball and Senior Inter-County Camogie. Athletes who are in National Squads in certain sports including Swimming, Triathlon, Athletics, Cycling, Boxing.